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Academia is facing the biggest boost of information the humanity has ever confronted. As a result, Academic Talks by Cybermind is proposed as a innovative way to deal with the massive amount of digital scientific information. Below we describe the major components of our system of readings and talks.


As any institution in higher education, at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) we have an enormous and valuable human capital. Students, teachers, and researchers are the core of our academic knowledge and expertise. Moreover, we have an Information Center handling valuable scientific knowledge that should arrive to everyone in our community.

As a result, Carlos A. Almenara postdoc researcher and director of Cybermind Lab, designed this project idea. He later found the amazing support of both Javiera Alcazar (Campus Life Chief Officer) and Miguel Saravia (Knowledge Management Chief Officer) to develop the pilot phase.

Below we describe the current Academic Talks' system that we will be testing from the second semester of 2018 and we truly believe will help us to distribute scientific information within our campuses:

1. First, we started selecting our research priorities from the major interest of Cybermind Lab: studying the interaction between human beings and technology.

2. Second, the leader of this pilot phase chose the scientific readings aligned with the previously established research priorities. These readings are mostly from renowned publishers typically from Category A to C in the Sense Ranking of Academic Publishers and/or from scientific journals mostly indexed in InCites Journal Citation Reports with the highest impact factor.

3. Finally, a calendar for all Academic Talks to be held during the semester is prepared. This calendar includes the titles of the readings and it's distributed by email and social media as an invitation to our whole academic community to participate.


The humanity is currently facing the fourth industrial revolution and changes are occurring under a fast pace. In Cybermind Lab we believe we must help the whole academic community to reach an appropriate level of skills and knowledge based on solid ethical values and behavior which will foster social justice while respecting peruvian culture and interindividual neurodiversity.

To do so, we use gamification. Today's learners must be digitally literate able to effectively handle digital information and critically analyze it. Under the educational framework of Laureate International Universities® ("Teaching by Competencies"), we picked up Habitica® as a digital app to manage and track Academic Talks users' motivation, reward and overall performance and productivity.


According to, the education gamification market is expected to grow from US$ 93 million in 2015 to nearly US$ 1.5 billion in 2020. We are optimistic too and due to it, we chose Habitica®, which is a free habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. A detailed explanation on how we use Habitica® is provided here.


After all the effort behind this process, we are commited to deliver digital products to spread the knowledge within the academic community. We will do so through the following products:

1. Espresso knowledge: As a espresso coffee, we need a shot of effectively communicated scientific knowledge. We have designed the following structure for such as an effective abstract for each reading in Academic Talks:



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